How to maximise your leave to take up to 62 days off work

omg 17/01/2018

Already exhausted from being back at work? Craving that next holiday?

There are six ways a Kiwi employee could get up to 62 days* worth of leave for the rest of 2018, as long as you’re using your leave wisely between national public holidays.

So if you’re looking to plan your next holiday, start writing these dates down!

Sat Feb 3rd
Sun Feb 4th
Mon Feb 5th
Tue Feb 6th (Waitangi Day)
Wed Feb 7th
Thu Feb 8th
Fri Feb 9th

Sat Feb 10th
Sun Feb 11th
Total: 9 days holiday (take 4 days leave)

Sat Mar 24th
Sun Mar 25th
Mon Mar 26th
Tue Mar 27th
Wed Mar 28th
Thu Mar 29th

Fri Mar 30th (Good Friday)
Sat Mar 31st
Sun Apr 1st
Mon Apr 2nd (Easter Monday)
Tue Apr 3rd
Wed Apr 4th
Thu Apr 5th
Fri Apr 6th

Sat Apr 7th
Sun Apr 8th
Total: 16 days holiday (take 8 days leave)

Sat Apr 21st
Sun Apr 22nd
Mon Apr 23rd
Tue Apr 24th

Wed Apr 25th (Anzac Day)
Thu Apr 26th
Fri Apr 27th

Sat Apr 28th
Sun Apr 29th
Total: 9 days holiday (take 4 days leave)

Sat Jun 2nd
Sun Jun 3rd
Mon Jun 4th (Queens Birthday)
Tue Jun 5th
Wed Jun 6th
Thu Jun 7th
Fri Jun 8th

Sat Jun 9th
Sun Jun 10th
Total: 9 days holiday (take 4 days leave)

Sat Oct 20th
Sun Oct 21st
Mon Oct 22nd (Labour Day)
Tue Oct 23rd
Wed Oct 24th
Thu Oct 25th
Fri Oct 26th

Sat Oct 27th
Sun Oct 28th
Total: 9 days holiday (take 4 days leave)

Sat Dec 22nd
Sun Dec 23rd
Mon Dec 24th
Tue Dec 25th (Christmas)
Wed Dec 26th (Boxing Day)
Thu Dec 27th
Fri Dec 28th

Sat Dec 29th
Sun Dec 30th
Mon Dec 31st
Total: 10 days holiday (take 4 days leave)

*'Up to 62 days' - not all options will be able to be taken. This list should help give you at least 46 days and up to 62 days if you enough leave saved.

Source: The Edge