Kids who hang out with their grandparents grow up to be nicer people

we love 23/01/2018

For kids, hanging out with grandparents often means treats. But a study from the University of Liege in Belgium has revealed that kids who spend more quality time with their grandparents growing up often become more accepting and understanding of their elders as adults.

The study asked over 1000 people about their views of old people in general and then followed up by asking about their relationships with their own grandparents.

"The most important factor associated with ageist stereotypes was poor quality of contact with grandparents," one of the researchers said.

"We asked children to describe how they felt about seeing their grandparents. Those who felt unhappy were designated as having poor quality of contact."

"When it came to ageist view, we found that quality of contact mattered much more than frequency."

So basically kids who grow up spending quality time with their grandparents will be much more accepting of other old people when they grow up.

Source: MummyPages