Kiwi bakery creates new caffeine hit with bread coffee

omg 29/01/2018

An Auckland bakery has been making coffee lovers dreams come true after teasing a new and improved coffee served in bread.

NZME reports K Rd classic Tasteful Bakehouse and Cafe has improved their original recipe for pie crust coffee by moving to a slow baked, dehydrated bun lined with chocolate and caramel.

The new breadfee may even come with sprinkles on top if a post on the Tasteful Bakehouse and Cafe's Facebook page is to be believed.

Compared to other 2017 social media trends such as coffee served in an avocado or deconstructed lattes the original piefee was a hit.

It was developed in February 2017 and made by hand using a sweet biscuit pastry lined with chocolate for waterproofing. 

Consumers could drink the coffee quickly and gobble up the nice crispy biscuit or allow it to soak in a little for a softer but coffee infused biscuit.

The creator of the piefee, known to his friends as Ly, told Newshub in June 2017 he almost gave up on creating the coffee pie hybrid but the hard work eventually paid off.

"I almost gave up", he said, "but then people came to try".

According to NZME the new and improved breadfee was created by Ly's wife Kanha Kong.