Kiwi couple take their toddler to 18 countries in 18 months

we love 29/01/2018

A Kiwi couple have proven children don't have to stop your travel dreams, taking their newborn across 18 countries in 18 months.

Sonita and Riki Cribb, both former Palmerston North teachers, are now based in South Korea with their daughter, Lilah, who is nearly two.

Lilah, born in Saudi Arabia, has been on nearly 50 flights in her short life - many of them long haul.

Ms Cribb says it was a nerve-racking the first time, when Lilah was only three months old.

"We thought of everything we could do to make the trip enjoyable," Ms Cribb told the Daily Mail.

"We always did our research and would never have taken her somewhere we didn't feel comfortable."

Countries the family have visited include the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Oman and Fiji.

Ms Cribb says it's the more remote areas, like Nicaragua, which were the most challenging.

"We had never seen roads in such a bad state and there was almost no one around apart from the odd small village.

"It was probably one of the only times we have been a bit worried about what to expect."

The couple have an Instagram where they share photos of their trip, as well as advice for fellow parents hoping to see the world.