Kiwi's half shaven body makes it onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show

funny stuff 12/01/2018

An overly hirsute Kiwi has landed an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after an image of his half-shaven body went viral.

Filmmaker Harley Neville decided to get the bizarre body hair styling two years ago and took a picture for his fans on social media.

Then someone mirrored the image - making Neville look like he had a large snail-trail running up his body.

The image took the internet by storm, leading to his image getting a spot on the segment 'Why I Don't Have a Husband', where host Ellen DeGeneres gives examples of why she doesn't have a husband.

DeGeneres displayed an image of a shirtless Neville for the crowd's amusement.

"I'm just assuming he lost a bet, that's what I think," DeGeneres said.