Kiwis get motivated to exercise with cat yoga

we love 17/01/2018

Mondayitis' can plague even the most energetic employees- but a quirky cafe in central Auckland could be offering the best cure yet.

The BaristaCats Café is offering yoga classes with - you guessed it - cats.

Forget downward dog or the pigeon pose; this is cat yoga and those taking part think it's pretty paw-some.

Owners decided they wanted to offer more than just coffee, and decided to offer the classes which have been popular overseas.

For most people here, it's the first time they've tried the discipline.

Instructor Ellie Ashdown told Newshub having a cat nearby, is a great way to start.

"Sometimes you can be a bit unnerving going to a yoga class and wonder if you're doing it wrong, but if there's a kitty running around you can come out of the posture and give it a stroke or something like this".

There are both elderly and rescue cats that live on site. The classes run each Monday, for forty-five minutes.

Today was Megan Jamieson's first time.

"I guess if people are aware that cats can actually be very calming, like it's quite therapeutic to be patting a cat so it goes quite well with yoga I think," she said. 

So if you can be 'purr-suaded to give it a go, at yoga might be the best way to wear-off those post-holiday blues.