Men are more attractive when desired by others says study

omg 31/01/2018

A new study from Scientific Reports has found that women find men more attractive when they are more desired by other women.

The study has dubbed this as an 'attractiveness boost' and benefits include being perceived as kinder, faithful and more likely to be a better father.

The survey was conducted with a group of women who were tasked with rating how attractive they found a series of men. Once they had judged the men, the participants were given further info on the social standing of the men, like their relationship status for example. The results showed that the majority of women increased their rating of them once they found out they were in a relationship.

"Women appear to copy the mate preferences of other women but this might simply be because humans have a general tendency to be influenced by the opinions of others." one of the researchers said.

The study adds weight to the 'The Wedding Ring Effect', a theory in that women become more attracted to men in relationships as it shows they have experience and some desirable traits.

Source: The Independent