NZ's list of 2017's most popular baby names revealed

NZ 09/01/2018

If you named your new arrival Charlotte or Oliver last year, take comfort in the fact they won't be ridiculed for having unusual names.

Oliver has for the fifth year in a row topped the list of New Zealand's most popular baby names, with 314 of them joining the world in 2017. There are 277 new Charlottes, the classic name rising from second to first.

The only new entrant in the top 10 for girls was Mila, in eighth place with 201 babies - right behind the similar-sounding Mia, seventh with 205.

For boys, George rose from 12th to eighth, while Arlo rocketed from 23rd to 10th.

Oliver and Jack remain in first and second, as they have since 2013. Noah jumped from seventh to third, pushing William back to fourth.

Names that fell out of the top 10 include Leo, Max and Ella.

None of the reported top bogan names made the official list.

Almost 61,000 babies were born in New Zealand in 2017. They received almost 13,000 unique names between them - fewer than 2016's crop, who shared 18,000 first names.

The top girls' names of 2017 (2016 position)

  1. Charlotte (2)
  2. Harper (4)
  3. Isla (3)
  4. Olivia (1)
  5. Ava (10)
  6. Amelia (6)
  7. Mia (8)
  8. Mila (15)
  9. Sophie (9)
  10. Emily (7)

The top boys' names of 2017

  1. Oliver (1)
  2. Jack (2)
  3. Noah (7)
  4. William (3)
  5. Hunter (6)
  6. James (5)
  7. George (12)
  8. Mason (4)
  9. Lucas (8)
  10. Arlo (23)

Last year the Government introduced the SmartStart service, which makes it easier for new parents to register their new arrivals and the inevitable paperwork that follows.

"SmartStart is free and helps parents and babies get off to the best start, making it easy to register your baby and get an IRD number for your child, as well as adjusting a Ministry of Social Development benefit or updating a Working for Families application," says registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages Jeff Montgomery.

"People can do all of this and more in one place, at any time on any device."