Parents criticised over set of 'visiting rules' for newborn baby

omg 23/01/2018

A couple have compiled a set of rules of their family and friends that they plan to put in place upon the arrival of their new baby. The set of rules has been met with mixed response with some calling it over the top.

"Would it be unreasonable to set some basic rules for family and friends visiting and have them pinned to the door or the likes?" the mum wrote on the Baby Centre Website.

The rules are as follows...

"PLEASE – be honest about your health – if you have been feeling unwell please come back another time

PLEASE – wait for Mum/Dad to offer you the baby. Baby may be sleeping or eating so we will let you know when baby is ready to be held by someone else

PLEASE – wash your hands before holding the baby

PLEASE – don’t ring the doorbell in case you wake the baby. You wake the baby you volunteer for baby-sitting! You have been warned….!

We would appreciate no comments on Mum’s size/weight 

Last but not least, please don’t take things personally. We are first time parents who are sleep deprived and anxious – it's our first time at this and we are still getting our heads around our wee bundle. We’re happy you’re here!"

People were quick to respond to the rules, but not everyone was completely understanding.

"If I turned up at someone’s house and that was on the door I would seriously laugh and then not bother visiting." one person wrote.

"You don't need to pin a note to the door, it's over the top and way too formal."

But some were more supportive of the couple, offering up some advice. 

"I know it all seems like a massive deal now, but when baby’s here just try and relax and go with the flow, it makes life much easier."

Do you think the set of rules are fair or a step to far?

Source: The Sun