Study claims eating pizza can actually help you lose weight

omg 19/01/2018

For many people losing a few KGs will be part of their new years resolutions, so if you're kicking into a new diet - then this research might be music to your ears. A study from Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests that eating junk food like pizza can actually help you lose weight.

The study looked at a group of dieters over a period of a few weeks. The participants were told they could eat what ever they wanted on Sundays only, the results showed that those who ate what they wanted for one day only stuck to their diet much longer than those who went cold turkey on junk food.

The study also points out the difference between a 'cheat day' and a 'binge day'. A 'cheat day' means junk food is consumed in moderation whereas a 'binge day' does the exact opposite. 

So while eating pizza or other junk in moderation will help you stick to your diet longer, you'll still need to stay clear of the binge eating trap!

Source: Men's Health