Study reveals the night-time habit that may help you fall asleep faster

we love 18/01/2018

Can’t sleep?

A new study suggests adding a simple practice before you go to bed may help you drift off to sleep faster.

Research from Baylor University has found that putting a to-do list may allow your brain to “dump” all those thoughts you have in your mind, freeing it to fall asleep.

Their results come from studying a group of healthy 18-30 year old participants, who had half of participants write down the things they needed to do the next day or in the coming days. The other half wrote about what they’d accomplished in the previous few days.

They then slept in a lab where their sleep and brain activity was measured, and it found those who wrote to-do lists fell asleep nine minutes sooner than those who wrote reflective lists.

The more specific the lists were, the sooner the participants fell asleep.

So having a brain-dump of all your thoughts for the next few days will unload your those thoughts from your consciousness, and help you get some more peaceful shut eye.

Source: Forbes