The cheapest cinemas in each NZ city revealed

NZ 08/01/2018

Awards season is kicking off with Monday's Golden Globes, and many people are still hoping to catch the nominated films on the big screen.

However, the rising cost of going to the movies is enough to turn many people away.

A New Zealand Reddit user posted on Sunday about the expense of a movie date, citing Hoyts and Event cinemas at $16-$18 a screening.

"Now, I know these companies need to make a profit. But really? I am not gonna pay $33.00 for movie tickets for two."

All that money seems frivolous, especially when it's easier than ever to stream the latest Netflix original from the comfort of your own home.

But going to the movies is an event in itself, and there are still plenty of cheap ways to get the full cinema experience if you know where to look.

The trick is to go at the right time.

Sure, it's expensive to go to the movies on a Saturday night, but many cinemas offer deals for screenings at quieter times or days of the week.

In central Auckland, Academy Cinema underneath the city library offers $5 screenings every Wednesday, and $12.50 showings on weekdays before 5pm.

Rialto Newmarket has discounted tickets on Tuesdays, with adult tickets going for $11.50.

On the North Shore, The Vic Devonport also offer a Cheap Tuesday discount, with $9-$10 tickets every week.

And in Henderson, WestCity's Event cinema tickets are $8.50 all day, every day.

Throughout the rest of the country, Tuesdays continue to offer the best deals.

At Lido Cinema in Hamilton, as well as Reading Cinemas around the nation, Tuesday tickets are $11.

At Rialto Dunedin, Tuesday tickets are just $9.

Event Cinemas also offers a cheap Tuesday promotion, although tickets still go for $12.50-$13.

The Hollywood 3 in Sumner, Christchurch also offers $13 tickets on Tuesdays.

So if you're trying to see the nominated films, or even the latest blockbusters, Tuesday seems like your best bet.