These are the hottest honeymoon spots around the world for 2018

we love 22/01/2018

Elite Daily have put together a list of the hottest places to honeymoon this year. Whether you're heading off on one soon, or just after a romantic getaway - check out the list below...

Amalfi Coast - Italy

The Amalfi Coast is located just a few hours from Rome. The scenic seaside town is famous for its amazing seafood and boat tours.

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This small island in the Carribean ocean will start your married life off in total relaxation. The island is known for its stunning sunsets.

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Galápagos Islands

These islands are pretty well known - and for good reason! The scenery is stunning and there are pleanty of animals all over the place to make friends with.

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Ibiza - Spain

This place is famous for its party atmosphere, but it is also incredibly beautiful. Relax on the coastline by day and then party up with your new spouse by night.

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Mykonos - Greece

This Greek township is small enough to explore most of it by foot! Check out some of the historic sites and then take a dip or a boat ride in the sea.

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Anchorage - Alaska

If sunbathing all day long isn't your cup of tea, then the snowy and colder Anchorage might be better for you. Spend some quality time with your partner tucked away in a cosy mountain top cabin!

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New Orleans - Louisianna

This city in the USA has a huge amount of historic buildings to explore and is almost famous for its live music and nightlife.

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