This 'Pug Cafe' is looking for someone to be their new intern

we love 29/01/2018

If you've started back at work and feel like a change of pace this year, then this internship might just be the thing!

Pug Cafe in the UK is after an intern for 2 - 4 weeks to join their team. While travelling to the otherside of the world might be a bit much for some, we're sure there'll be pleanty of pug lovers out there who would make the trip.

The cafe wrote on their Instagram they are "looking for a pug-loving social media savvy intern with basic video editing skills to join us for 2-4weeks."

"If you'd love to join our small team - role includes cuddling & photographing lots of squishy pugs at Pug Cafe events, sourcing and editing cute pug videos... Please email your current CV and cover letter to applicant must also give office PUG lots of LOVE."

If moving to the other side of the world seems a bit much, this could be the perfect thing for someone living over there! So if you have any friends or family in the UK, this might just be for them!