Wives find their husbands more stressful than kids says study

omg 25/01/2018

A recent study from TODAY has revealed that the majority of women find living with their husbands is more stressful than living with their kids.

The study interviewed hundreds of wives/mums and and asked them a series of questions about their stress levels. The results showed that on average, wives rate their stress levels as 8.5/10.

When asked why their husbands caused them so much stress, the respondants had some interesting answers...

“A 7-year-old is going to be a 7-year-old. But a 35-year-old acting like a 7-year-old is more stressful, because they should know better.” said one person.

Another woman added that “even though I have a committed spouse, I still feel like all the pressure is on ME to get everything done. I work just as many hours as my husband does, but yet I do all the scheduling.”

“I am exhausted emotionally and physically when my husband comes home. He feels like another job.” another woman said bluntly.

But others were more supportive of their husbands. “It’s easy to blame your stress on another person, arriage is emotional weight-lifting. It’s exercise. And when you choose to exercise, sometimes it feels miserable.”

What do you think of this study? Do you think that your spouse causes you more stress than your children?