Woman shares prank her mum pulled on her dad after her death

funny stuff 24/01/2018

A woman has shared an hilarious prank her mum played on her dad from beyond the grave.

Before her passing, the woman's mum asked her husband to keep watering the pot-plant in the toilet as a way to keep her memory alive. But turns out the woman's mum had a very different motivation behind the instructions...

"Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. He's been religiously watering them & keeping them alive." the woman wrote on Twitter.

"They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic! Can hear my mum chuckling."

People were quick to fall in love with the story, but were also curious as to where the dad thought all the water was going.

"My poor dad probably thought the toilet had a permanent leak as there was always water on the floor." the woman answered.

We're pleased that the mum was still able to make the family smile even though she's no longer with them in person.