Woman shocked by replies after asking if wives would still marry their husbands today

omg 16/01/2018

A post on Mumsnet has received some pretty unexpected answers.

"If you could go back to the year you married your husband/wife, would you still marry them, knowing everything you do about them now that you didn't back then?" the original poster wrote.

People were quick to give their honest replies, many of which surprised the person asking the question.

"If I'd never got pregnant by him, then probably no." one person began.

"I do still love him but things would have been much simpler for me if I hadn't married him. His awful family, not being able to live where I want. To name only a couple." 

Someone else came clean adding that they feel they "have ended up married to a selfish lazy old man with whom I have very very little in common and no physical relationship to speak of."

Another woman even went as far to say she regrets having kids and getting married and insists she'd rather "have a life instead".

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. Pleanty of others were open with the fact they wouldn't change a thing about their marriage. "He still makes my world go round, makes me laugh, makes me tea in bed every morning, and understands me like nobody else does." wrote one loved up wife.

Would you change anything if you had the chance?