Auckland school asks parents to ban kids from social media

NZ 05/02/2018

An Auckland school is urging parents to ban their kids from social media - and not just on the school grounds.

Kowhai Intermediate is asking students to cut off Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for the two years they attend the school, according to NZME.

It's a response to a number of "social media incidents", a school newsletter published online says.

"These incidents have occurred outside of school hours on private social media accounts that we have no rights or responsibility for."

"When things do go wrong, we often find that parents contact the school with the expectation that we can and will sort the problem out.

"This is a legal and ethical minefield that would require full, unfettered access to all the social media accounts and devices involved to be fair and just in establishing a true and accurate record of what has occurred."

The school already has an 'off at the gate' policy where students must switch devices off as they enter the grounds. The phones are then placed in a box at the start of the day, and returned at hometime.

Now, the school is encouraging parents to extend this to at home too.

The school is for children in years 7-8 - so around 10-13 years old. The minimum age for joining most social media platforms is 13. Many young people make accounts using a fake date of birth.