Baker goes viral with his delicious looking Creme Egg ice-cream pizza

we love 08/02/2018

A man known as 'Mr Ricky Prince Of Desserts' has gone viral online for his Creme Egg pizza creation.

"It’s by far our most popular creation, we are selling between ten and 15 every night," said the creator of the pizza.

The pizzas cost around $15 NZD each and have so far received a positive response.

"The feedback has been great, lots of five-star reviews online and customers coming back for more. Some love it so much they have been ordering three or four times a week."

Mr Ricky said the inspiration came to him when he was simply walking around his local supermarket...

Photo credit: Mr Ricky Prince Of Desserts

"I saw the flan base and just thought Creme Eggs would be something fun to add on top," he said.

"We are always looking to expand our range to keep the customers coming back, and with the sweet pizza our customers can choose what they want for a topping, just like any other pizza."

"They can put Ferrero Rocher on top, Galaxy Caramel, whatever they want."

Would you fancy a slice of this dessert pizza?

Source: Daily Mail