Calls for airlines to introduce 'child free zones' on planes

omg 21/02/2018

Travelling with kids can sometimes be hard work, but a recent push online aims to make the experience of flying with kids more pleasureable for everyone.

A large number of people are backing the idea of airlines introducing 'child friendly zones' on planes. The primary reason for this being the large noise kids often make in the tight and confined planes. The plan would be to place kids and families at one end and those without at the other.

Support of the idea has been largely positive, with some even admitting they'd pay extra if they were guaranteed a seat away from a child. reports that a survery from 'Airfarewatchdog' found just over half of people were supportive of the idea, but experts thought it was unlikely to come to fruition due to fear the move would alienate parents.

Would you like to see 'child friendly zones' introduced on flights?