Daughter of sperm donor goes on worldwide mission to find siblings

we love 19/02/2018

A woman born to a sperm donor is on a mission to find all of her siblings - and so far she's discovered more than 40 of them.

Two of Orlando-born Kianni Arroyo's half-sisters even live in New Zealand, the 21-year-old revealed on Instagram.

Her mother never kept it a secret she was sperm-donor baby - but it wasn't until she turned 16 that she started the journey.

"I always wanted to find out more about who I was and whether I had any siblings," she told Metro UK.

"So as soon as I was old enough to access the records I did just that."

Five years since she first checked those records, she's tracked down 40 brothers and sisters - including four sets of twins.

In July 2017 she posted a photo of her two Kiwi sisters.

"They are the only two that we know of who live in New Zealand," she said.

Four more that Ms Arroyo knows of so far live in Australia.

She's even made contact with her dad, and describes him as a "really cool guy".

Sperm donors are only meant to give between 15 and 20 samples, Metro UK reports - but the company he worked with, Xytex, was bought out and the records were wiped. It meant he was able to start again.

She hasn't met all of her half-siblings yet, of which she is the oldest, but she says most of them want to.

"I'm an only child, so I get the best of both worlds."