The most unpopular baby name of 2018 may not surprise you

omg 21/02/2018

When it comes to naming babies, there is one name name that has rapidly fallen out of fashion. The name was once popular back in 2016 and 2017 but has found a sudden fall from popularity this year.

Nameberry has revealed the most unpopular name of 2018 is 'Harvey'.

Speaking to OK! Online, Nameburry said "Most names don't fall from being favourites to extinction very quickly, unless some terrible event propels them from style."

"Already newly fashionable in the UK, Harvey was starting to rise again in the US after a long slumber, and then last *autumn* it was hit with the twin wallops of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal and Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Houston.'

"I can't imagine anyone naming a baby Harvey any more." they concluded.

So if you're thinking of naming your baby Harvey, sounds like you may be in the minority!

Source: GoodToKnow