Furious bride claims her best friend has "stolen" her wedding

omg 05/02/2018

Is it possible for your best friend to steal your wedding?

One bride says so, as she claims her best friend has copied her entire wedding down to the last detail.

"I feel really angry with my BF [best friend] right now and can't decide if I'm being unreasonable or not," daftpink wrote on online forum mumsnet.

"I am getting married in June - we're having a 'wedding weekend' and have hired a lovely large house & guest cottages with an indoor swimming pool, games room etc from the Friday to Monday for our 25 guests," she explained.

"We have organised a meal on the Friday night, a BBQ Party for the Saturday after the registry office and then a chilled out pool party on the Sunday.

"My BF also has her wedding planned for September - a more formal church affair with sit down dinner etc.

"Only now, BF has announced that the wedding plans have changed as she is 8 weeks pregnant....and that she has just booked the same house and is planning to invite close family and friends to join them for a relaxing weekend away to celebrate their wedding - 5 weeks before my wedding!"

The angry bride says that, other than the family, their friendship group and guest list is the same.

Basically, now her wedding will be almost the same as mine, but as hers is first, I'm the one that will look like I copied her!

"Aibu [am I being unreasonable] to be absolutely livid that she's done this to me?"

The resounding answer on the rest of the forum seems to lean towards 'Yes!'

"That is a really awful thing to do. Cheeky cow," wrote MyBrilliantDisguise.

"I assume you've already invited your guests, so they'll know you were first. It doesn't really matter, treat her wedding as a trial run/problem solving exercise," said Phosphorus.

"Am sure some may say you have no copyright on wedding plans - however, I do think this is really bad form of your bf (assuming she knows details of yours). Has she acknowledged in any way that she is stealing your thunder?"

"It is rather bizarre that she would do this but I agree that people will know she copied because you sent your invites out way before - and if you haven't then do it right now," suggested hidinginthenightgarden.

"Yes YABU. It's a wedding not a unique showcase of venue and catering," said Elementtree. "Everyone will have a lovely time at your wedding and you'll be just as married at the end of the day as if your friend got hitched at a different place."

"I would not be happy either," Naubieuser1880 said. "It just wouldn't sit well at all. I would let her know how you feel and check those plans are definately concrete."