Honest mum says it should be acceptable to label your kids as a**holes

omg 15/02/2018

A mum's honest message about her daughter's behaviour has been met with mixed reaction.

The woman wrote on her Twitter account, "look, we gotta stop acting like it's a bad thing to call our kids a**holes." 

"Like my daughter just dead ass death glared me while pouring her juice on the floor after I said not too. Come on. That makes her an a**hole. Don't shame me."

Many mums identified with her struggle and showed their support.

"I tell my 4 kids when they're being 'Jerks'." one woman replied.

"They got all upset and my significant other tried to tell me it is mean to 'name call' but kids are not going to get better if we pretend they're always perfect angels. It isn't name calling to describe behaviour. Don't like it? Stop being jerks."

So while many agreed with her, others expressed their concerns about using that kind of language towards children.

Do you think that her statement is fair?