Identical twins propose to their identical girlfriends at the exact same time

omg 19/02/2018

Both sets of twins were wearing matching sets of clothes, and all spoke in unison. Photo credit: Facebook / Briana Deane

A pair of identical twin brothers have romantically, and perhaps a little creepily, proposed to their identical twin sister girlfriends - and with identical timing.

Jeremy and Josh Salyers only met Briana and Brittany Deane six months ago at a music festival in Ohio, but now they're all prepping for a joint wedding.

The proposal itself was organised by US news organisation Inside Edition, which brought its cameras to film the entire thing as it unfolded.

While most would wonder how the Deane sisters didn't know what was going with cameras swarming round them, the Salyers brothers had that covered. They told the girls they were starring in an advert - but when the director yelled 'action!' they did something very different to what they rehearsed.

They immediately, and simultaneously, dropped onto one knee and asked the simple question: "Will you marry me?"

The response? Well that was in perfect unison too.

"Yes!" the Deane girls yelled, both throwing their hands down in shock with perfect synchronisation.

The foursome is now preparing to get married in a joint ceremony, and plan to live together once they tie the knot.