Dessert hummus is a real thing and people can't get enough of it

omg 13/02/2018

When you normally eat hummus, you're probably used to having it with carrots or crackers... But this company has flipped the chickpea based dip on its head and created a dessert version!

The company known as Delighted By Hummus has created 4 different flavours - Brownie Batter, Snickerdoodle, Vanilla Bean, and Choc-O-Mint, all of which have been a huge hit!

They also say the dessert dips are vegan and gluten free and claim they taste like cookie dough.

Currently the dip is only available in the US, but if its popularity continues to rise over there we may see it on our shores soon.

Check out some pics of the dips below...

Vanilla Bean



Brownie Batter