Matt Le Blanc defends 'Friends' against critics who call the show offensive

goss 26/02/2018

Matt Le Blanc has defended Friends after some viewers on social media branded the 1990s sitcom as sexist and homophobic.

Recently made available on Netflix in the US, several long-running storylines and jokes on the show have angered younger audiences watching it for the first time.

Chandler's fears he would be mistaken for a gay man, Ross' lesbian ex-wife and Monica's prior struggles with her weight are the particular sore spots.

Le Blanc, who starred in the show as Joey, disagrees heavily with the criticisms - saying Friends avoided overly political topics.

"I've heard those rumours too about people taking pot shots at Friends, but I don't want to get into that. I disagree with all that," he told the BBC.

"Friends was about themes that stand the test of time - trust, love, relationships, betrayal, family and things like that."

However social media users are undecided on whether the show could be called problematic.

"Guys Friends was not homophobic and it's counterproductive to look at a TV show from 20 years a go through the lens of 2018," one user said.

"I'm nearly done with Friends and I just gotta say this is such a problematic show like wow half this shit wouldn't fly now if it were airing," another wrote.