Mum branded 'crazy' for refusing a shared bank account with her husband

omg 26/02/2018

A mum has taken to the Mumsnet forum after a colleague of hers questioned the way she and her husband operate theor finances. 

The mum admits that their bank accounts are run completely seperately but they do come together for some bigger purchases.

"He works a lot so subsequently earns a huge bit more than me, as I only work 20/25 hours per week." her post began

"It just means for my birthday and Christmas he spends like 3 times on me what I spend on him which makes me feel bad as I can’t afford as much."

"One of the guys I work with who’s been with his partner for roughly same amount of time and also has 2 children thinks this is strange. Him and his Mrs share all thier money. I can’t be the only one to do this right?"

Feedback was quick to flood in, with some even calling the mum mad!

"It's up to you, but I think you're mad. You work a lot less hours (and I'm guessing do a lot more childcare) and you have a lot less money than him... You are in such a precarious position." one person wrote.

"I personally think it's weird because the alternative seems like a complete pain in the arse and probably unfair on somebody in the long run." someone else agreed.

But not everyone thought it was odd, there was also quite a few people siding with the mum.

"We do the same and it works for us, although he earns more so he pays more." one wrote.

Another person urged the mum to change styles ASAP, having ran into issues with her husband after having their own accounts.

"Don't do this!" this woman commented.

"I was exactly like you and he earned WAY more than me. He of course over time got used to it and now sees things as "his" money and while he has millions I have relatively little despite the fact I contributed hugely to his wealth (I work for him)."

How do you operate your accounts with your partner?