Mum creates large edible replicas of her twin children for birthday cake

omg 22/02/2018

A British mother has gone the extra mile for her children, creating two life-size cake sculptures of her twin daughters for their first birthday.

Self-taught baker Lara Mason used 44 eggs, 2.2 kg of flour and 4kg of buttercream icing for the cakes, which took more than 100 hours to create, the BBC reports.

The hair was particularly difficult, requiring pulled sugar to make each stand separately.

Previously, Ms Mason has sculpted Prince George and Pirates of the Caribbeancharacter Captain Jack Sparrow out of cake, but she says sculpting her own children was different.

"It's the most critical I have ever been while making 'cake people' because I feel like I did such a good job making them so cute in the first place," Ms Mason told the BBC.

She admits the cakes would not exactly be everyone's taste, but she thought the effort was worth seeing her children next to their cake counterparts.

"Totally get this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but not a lot of other people do this crazy thing that I do, so I thought to myself... why not," she wrote on Facebook.

"I'll be cleaning buttercream out of the floorboards for months but I reckon it was 100 [percent] worth it."

Ms Mason won't be eating the cake herself though as she can't bear to even cut them.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to cut them, it’s my own kids,” she told People.

"But we go to a few cake shows each year, so I might take it with me to put on display."