Mum shares her daughter's brilliant response to school bully

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A mum has taken to Mumsnet to share her daughter's brilliant response to a school bully.

"[My] daughter is at an age where some of the girls at school have started being horrible to one another in the playground," the wrote on Mumsnet.

"My daughter has always been wonderfully quirky, with a heart for justice and the kindest, most empathetic person I've ever known. Old beyond her years (in a beautifully old lady way-she's recently taken to wearing her reading glasses on a chain round her neck).

"The new hormonal nastiness has her outraged (LOVES a rule!) but not upset. Some of the things (particularly comments about her adoption) that she's told me have made me far more upset than they have made her.

I told her what I thought might be a good way to quieten the bullies and today my nine-year-old loudly replied to one: 'I'm sorry, did you MEAN to be so rude?!'

"Apparently other children burst out laughing and said bully stropped off. I like to think with a cats bum face."

Other users were quick to jump in with their praise of the young girl.

"What a wee hero! Your daughter sounds ace!" said one woman.

"Brilliant! Your daughter sounds wonderful, I hope she always keeps that great attitude." added another.

We think her response was just perfect and clearly packed a punch!

Source: The Mirror