Mum slammed after revealing her plans to get a makeover for her child's birth

omg 09/02/2018

A pregnant mum to be has been slammed online after revealing her plans to get made up with a fake tan and make-up for her child’s birth.

“A few of my family members think I’m absolutely mad for wanting my makeup, tan lashes and hair done for giving birth.” The woman wrote on Mumsnet

“I’m due to be induced on Tuesday I just wanted to see what you lovely ladies thought on the matter?”

It didn’t take long for the feedback to come pouring in and it wasn’t quite what she expected!

"Yes I think you are mad. I am with your family on this. You are going to be giving birth not strutting your stuff in a nightclub” one person wrote.

Someone else added "no amount of tarting yourself up is going to make up for the fact that you’re about to crap yourself in front of a room full of strangers."

But not everyone felt the same way, one person even admitted to having done it themselves!

"Yes, I was doing my makeup while I was in labour! I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed."

Do you think getting done up to give birth is a good idea or not?

Source: The Sun