Parents have started hosting 'baby sprinkles' as well as 'baby showers'

omg 28/02/2018

A growing trend among parents has started a bit of debate online. Most people will be familiar with the term 'baby shower', but the term 'baby sprinkle' might be new to you.

According to the Parenting 101 website, a baby shower is traditionally held for the first child while a baby sprinkle is intended for all of the following children.

Many have criticised the idea and the website gives some reasons as to why people are so against it.

"The family already has all the baby essentials." the site points out.

"Sure, the pack-and-play may have a few teeth marks on it, and the high chair isn't brand new, but these items are still ready for the new baby brother or sister."

They also add that the 'sprinkle' can act as a great way to help the older children get used to the idea of a new sibling moving into the house.

While critics may see it as an unnecessary cost and an extra event to attend, others love the idea of welcoming the extra kids to the clan.

What do you think, would you like to see this trend happen more in NZ?