Parents reveal baby names they ditched after realising glaring issues

funny stuff 01/03/2018

When choosing a baby name there are a lot of things to consider, like how will it sound with your last name, will it lend itself to school bullies later on?

Well the team at Kidspot have put together a list of names parents ditched after realising some glaring issues...

Harrison - "Was always going to call my boy Harrison ... couldn't bring myself to do it with the last name of Potter."

Grace - "I loved the name Grace but we already had a son named Will and we didn’t want Will & Grace!"

Ronald - "[We liked] Ronald, but my partner's last name's Macdonald and there was no way that was going to happen." 

Ewan - "Ewan was the funniest of many with our surname. Ewen Mee. Say it out loud if you don't get it."

Jack - "I always wanted to have a son and name him Jack. It was my favourite boys' name since I was 14 then I married into the Russell family.

Xavier - "I always liked Xavier but couldn't use it for my son because he would be X Rae (x-ray)."

Cooper - "I really liked Cooper for a boy but ruled it out as my firstborn is named Alice."

Kayla - "I always liked the name Kayla but Kayla Kurta was too much like the Kardashians for me." 

Source: Kidspot