People have been arguing over this simple tooth brushing technique

omg 19/02/2018

A simple question about toothbrushes has ignited a debate on Twitter.

One user asked her followers if they prefer to wet their toothbrushes before squeezing the toothpaste on, or if they apply toothpaste to dry bristles.

The seemingly innocuous query launched hundreds of passionate tweets arguing either side of the argument.

People had very strong opinions one way or another, probably because toothbrush habits are taught to us by our parents and thus may hold some personal significance. 

Many people said they chose to moisten their toothbrushes with water before toothpaste.

Others were staunch members of the 'toothpaste first' camp.

Some claimed that pre-rinsing a toothbrush is essential to wash off dust and germs that may have settled on the bristles.

One of the most popular responses to the original tweet proclaimed that the correct method was to wet the toothbrush both before and after toothpaste.

The conversation may not have produced a definitive answer on correct toothbrush etiquette, but at least it means most people are brushing their teeth.