Super Bowl car ad polarises fans over using Martin Luther King Jr's speech

omg 05/02/2018

Super Bowl ads are considered some of the highlights of the Super Bowl event, but every year there are always a couple of ads that may raise a few eyebrows.

One ad in particular getting the attention this year features the Dodge Ram using Dr Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech as the voice over for its ad.

The ad, titled 'Built to Serve', uses the actual recording of Dr King's last major address, "The Drum Major Instinct" sermon, which he gave on February 4, 1968 - exactly 50 years ago today.

And while some have called the ad 'inspirational', critics have been very vocal about "misusing" his speech for an ad.

"Martin Luther King Jr always wanted his speeches used to sell trucks, I'm sure," said one user on Twitter.

"MLK did not die to be featured In a Dodge commercial," said another.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s centre, The King Centre, spoke about the speech's use in the ad, saying that they were not connected in the ad in any way.