Widower's heartbreaking Valentine's Day dinner photo goes viral

omg 16/02/2018

While the world either celebrated or ignored Valentine's Day, share a thought for one man dining alone at a restaurant with his late wife's ashes.

Chasidy Gwaltney was in a restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas, when she saw an elderly man sitting at a table by himself. 

With his head in his hands, the man sat in a booth set for two- with a card and his wife's ashes on the opposite side of the table. 

Ms Gwaltney was so moved by the image she shared it on her Facebook page to point out how important is not to take our loved ones for granted.

"You know? We are all guilty of taking our other half for granted from time to time. We may forget to give a goodbye kiss, say I love you or just be so caught up in what we are doing at the moment that we don't notice the very little things that mean so much to our special someone.

"This picture speaks loudly and it may hurt your heart as it has mine. This man looks like he is spending Valentine's Day alone at first glance but that is actually his wife in that very beautiful bottle sitting on the table. 

"Apparently his love for her was and still is very strong as he takes her ashes out for a Valentine's lunch date together. He even bought her a glass of wine."

The image has since been shared and liked tens of thousands of times.