Cadbury Creme Egg Biscuits are now a thing and they look delicious

we love 22/03/2018

If you love Cadbury Creme Eggs, then you'll probably fall in love with the biscuit version of the chocolate egg!

Cadbury has released a limited amount of Creme Egg Biscuits in stores across the UK, but they've proved so popular they are starting to be sold online. A listing on Amazon has the biscuits being sold for around $20 NZD.

The biscuits are made up of a biscuit base, then a layer of Creme Egg filling and then wrapped up chocolate. Almost like a Creme Egg version of the Mint Slice.

Earlier on this year Cadbury caused outrage online after misleading people over the pronunciation of the chocolate treat. Shawna Leigh tweeted to the sweet maker to ask if it should be pronounced "cream" or "crem". Cadbury then responded to say the correct pronunciation was "crem".

Twitter users quickly began to panic, with many failing to see how the word "creme" could be pronounced "crem".

The tweet was deleted soon afterward and replaced by another saying it was pronounced "cream", but the damage was done.

Source: The Sun