Celebrate the right way with these Ferrero Rocher cheesecake Easter eggs

omg 19/03/2018

Easter, the one day a year where all rules, bar one, get thrown out the window. The rule that remains, the more chocolate the better.

Just when you thought Easter couldn't get any sweeter, The Cottage Coffee Shop & Lunch Bar in Wales is filling chocolate egg shells with Creme Egg and Ferrero Rocher cheesecakes, and topping them with your favourite chocolatey treats.

Photo credit: Facebook: The Cottage Coffee Shop & Lunch Bar

Dear lord, you could say that we're 'well-sh and truly' madly in love with these heavinly works of art.

If you're anything like us and almost instantly stared contemplating a spontanious trip to Wales to devour one of these bad boys, you'll be sad to hear that their Easter cheesecakes are so freaking popular they're almost always sold out.