Dad comes up with genius way to stop people touching his wife's baby bump

we love 21/03/2018

Just the same as having a cheeky cuddle with someone's adorable pup you happened to pass on the street, it can almost be instinct to want to touch a pregnant women's baby bump.

Listen up, turns out not all mums-to-be enjoy the feel of a stranger, or even a family member, stroking their bellies without permission.

One such mum is Reddit user LadySilvie, who revealed her husband’s brilliant way to stop people from touching her baby bump.

Revealing he has armed her with a spray bottle of water, he attached a meme from The Emperor's New Groove with the caption ‘No Touchy’.

A gift my husband made for me to use when strangers/family get too grabby towards my belly without asking first.

Photo credit: Reddit: LadySilvie

We're with LadySilvie on this one, regardless of the intentions behind the touches, the mother's personal boundaries must be respected and it is her right to say yes or no to belly touches.