Dentists warn blowing on your kids' food and kisses goodnight could cause them serious harm

omg 06/03/2018

Dr Richard Marques has shared some words of 'wisdom' (oof...bad pun) warning parents against blowing on their kids' food, sharing cutlery and kissing them goodnight.

According to Marques, celebrity dentist at Wimpole Street Dental, baby teeth aren't able to fight the effects of damaging bacteria, making them more vulnerable to infection.

Dr Marques told the Independent :

Baby teeth have a different type of enamel and dentine to adult teeth. The enamel is much thinner on baby teeth. It is not as strong as adult enamel so is more likely to decay.

Parents, he warns, should be mindful of saliva transfer from them to their little ones "as this can spread bacteria (such as streptococcus mutans) from adult to child."

"This bacteria can cause decay of baby teeth. It can even affect the soft tissues and gums before the baby teeth have developed!"

"Take your child to the dentist regularly (they can go to the dentist as early as six months when the first tooth comes through)."

"By age two to three they should be attending the dentist every six months to check for cavities (and check how well their teeth are developing!"