Expert reveals the biggest relationship deal breaker

omg 09/03/2018

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but what is the most common relationship deal breaker? An expert in relationships recently revealed it.

“Cleanliness can be such a deal breaker for so many reasons,” says dating expert Jo Barnett.

“Mostly, if one person is keeping things clean and tidy and their partner is constantly creating mess and chaos, they can feel like he or she is being disrespectful and selfish, this is even worse than being untidy and unclean,” she told The Independent.

“From experience of working through relationships, I would say issues surrounding different levels of cleanliness arise from the meaning someone imposes on their partner making a mess.”

The second most common deal breaker was if their partner was more intelligent than them, with the third being differing religious views.

Political views, lack of socialness and being unfit were also highly rated dealbreakers.