Going with your gut instinct is scientifically proven to stop you making mistakes

omg 26/03/2018

The old wives tale of “follow your gut feeling” has apparently never been more reliable after a new study has found that gut-to-brain signals are a “powerful influence on emotions, mood and decisions” and are often a response to worrisome or threatening events.

According to Florida State neuroscientist Dr Linda Rinaman, the gut and brain are constantly communicating via the vagus nerve – a sprawling two-way network that’s 100 times larger than the surface of the skin and sends more signals to the brain than any other organ system in the body. 

The nerve carries top-down messages from the brain to the body as well as bottom-up messages commonly described as “gut feelings” and it is these that prompt us to evaluate a situation or avoid it altogether. 

Together with James Maniscalco, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Rinaman suggests that these signals from our gastrointestinal tract can work as a red flag that actually stops us making mistakes.

Check out the full study here!