Heartwarming moment couple find out they are going to be parents

we love 14/03/2018

A desperate US couple were part of an emotional interview on the Today show, when what they thought was a chat about the difficulties of adoption was actually when they learned they were going to be parents. 

Frank and Stacey Paradiso have been married for 10 years, and told Today show host Hoda Kotb their journey to be parents has been heartbreaking. When they tried to get pregnant, they learned Frank was infertile, due to cancer treatments he'd had as a six-year-old.

The couple started the paperwork, went through background checks and home visits and, after being approved by the adoption agency, began the hardest part - waiting for almost two years.

"There's good days and there's bad days. There are days when you wonder how much further you can go," Frank said. "We push each other through those days."

Stacy added: "We know that it's going to happen, and it's going to happen when it's meant to happen for us."

But during the emotional interview, the Paradiso's lives were changed forever.

Well, I think the day is today," Kotb told them, "I think you've been matched."

The shocked and tearful couple were informed they were being given a baby girl. Later footage showed the moment a week later, little Addison Emily was home with her new parents.

Hoda Kotb adopted her own child last year, a baby girl named Haley Joy.