Kiwi drivers reveal their biggest pet peeves about others on the road

omg 27/03/2018

If the driving habits of New Zealanders ever have you seeing red, then you'll probably be fond of a particular Reddit user.

User Finndego listed their top five pet peeves with driving in New Zealand to the subreddit Aotearoa and received an overwhelming response.

The top five pet peeves are as follows:

1. Drivers who drive at 85 kilometres per hour until they get to a passing lane then drive 110 kilometres per hour.

2. Drivers who think that the proper following distance is two feet instead of two seconds.

3. Drivers who think indicating is optional.

4. Queue jumpers at the start of passing lanes. Usually these are also guilty of number 2 on the list but usually caused by number 1.

5. Drivers who don't understand basic give way rules (roundabouts, intersections, reversing etcs).

"Been doing a lot of driving lately and continue to get frustrated by these behaviors," Finndego said.

Many other users weighed in with their own frustrations.

MrManMilk couldn't tolerate people who drive with one headlight but put it on high beam.

Reneox didn't like people who maintained a speed of 60 kilometres an hour on and after entering the onramp.

"Drivers who drive at ~90 km/hr in the right highway/motorway lane and won't change left," Primus81 vented.