Lego willing to pay someone $50,000 to be a 'master model builder'

we love 14/03/2018

How does getting paid $50,000 a year to get build Lego sound? Maybe too good to be true? Well it's a real thing! Lego are looking for someone to build Lego models at the Birmingham Discovery Centre in the UK.

"Do you love LEGO and have the Magic in you to create memorable experiences all for the love of fun? Then you have the magic to be Team Merlin at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre!" the ad on the Merlin Entertainment writes.

"As well as having the talent and creativity to build with LEGO, and inspiring children (aged 3-10), the Master Model Builder must also attend media appearances and be comfortable in the public eye.

"The Master Model Builder will participate in building events, corporate events and PR related activities which will require them to serve as a spokesperson for the attraction."

So if you're fine with the other aspects of the job, are willing to move to the UK and keen to build Lego all day - you can apply online here!