Long lost pet cat shows up years later at the neighbours house

omg 19/03/2018

A Texas woman has found her cat five years after it went missing - living with her neighbours.

Dallas resident Nguhi shared the unbelievable story on Twitter on Saturday (local time) after she pieced together the elaborate puzzle of her cat Panther's lost years.

"Sometime after Panther went missing he apparently turned up in a shelter in the next city 15 miles away," she began.

Days before he was going to be euthanised, Panther was adopted by a woman in another city.

That woman renamed Panther to Charlie, and after a while she could no longer look after Charlie, so she gave him to her parents - who just happened to be Nguhi's next-door neighbours.

Charlie had lived with those neighbours for just over a year, but being an indoor cat, Nguhi had not seen him and had long presumed Panther was lost or had died.

On Friday (local time), Nguhi's neighbours called and asked if she'd seen Charlie who had been missing all day.

They realised Charlie was in fact Panther when he started purring and rubbed up against Nguhi's father.

"He took him inside and he went straight to his favourite spot. We declawed Panther's front claws and left his back. This cat has no front claws either. Everything else is the same, it's really him," she wrote.

What's more is that last year, Nguhi's neighbours bought a Siberian husky that turned out to be too much to handle, so Nguhi adopted him and named him Trotsky.

"I took their dog and they took my cat," Nguhi wrote on Twitter.

"This is why when Trotsky saw Panther at our house he didn't go crazy or bark. He already knew him. They'd lived together before."

Nguhi was overjoyed to be reunited with long-lost Panther.

"You know how you lose a person or pet and you wish you had one more day with them just to let them know how much you love them and how much they mean to you? I just had that day with Panther.

"I never would have guessed that five years later I'd get to kiss his little head again."

Panther will continue to live at Nguhi's neighbour's house, but they said she can visit him whenever she'd like.