Parents debate over the right age to leave kids home alone

omg 05/03/2018

"What's the youngest you would leave a child home alone to pop to the shops?" that's the question that has the users of Mumsnet in a flurry.

The original poster probably didn't expect the reaction that she got! People were very split on the matter.

Some admitted to leaving their children at home from around age 9, "but only when one of her sisters are here (13 and 15)", one mum explained.

"Left my 8 year old for a wee while yesterday. But I live in a cul de sac where he could approach neighbours for help." someone else added.

"It depends on the child. I left my son at 9 as he is really sensible but my daughter is 10 and I would still not leave her as she has no impulse control."

Despite a general consensus on Mumsnet over the age, others have suggested that 9 is far too young and parents should wait until the kids are in their teens.

Do you think there's a right age, or does it change from kid to kid?