People can't agree on if this room is clean and tidy or not


Different people have different ideas around what is an acceptable standard of cleanliness. A mumsnet user has drawn much discussion around this after sharing a picture of her lounge online.

"This is my living room." the woman wrote.

"No matter how much I tidy it, it always seems to end up at this point."


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"To me, it’s neither tidy nor messy. Similar to the rest of my house really! For some reason I can never get a totally spotless house! Ever!"


Photo credit: Mumsnet |

People were quick to share their views over if it was really such a mess or not...

"It’s a tip, and I say that as a disorganised person! Get a washing up basket and put in it anything that is lying around." one person wrote.

"Tidy up what is left, hoover the rug, plump up the sofa cushions. Then add back essentials – the throw can be folded on the back of the chair, the box on the floor closed and put against a wall. The rest needs a new home or binning. Should only take a few minutes." someone else wrote.

What do you think, is the 'before' photo an acceptable level of tidiness?

Source: Metro