Pregnant mum sparks debate with financial fight she's having with husband

omg 16/03/2018

A couple operating with seperate bank accounts have run into trouble. The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to vent her frustration after her husband insisted she continue paying 50/50 with bills while she's on maternity leave.

"Should the mother pay 50/50 towards bills when on maternity leave?" she wrote.

"I have discussed this with my partner and he would like me to continue to contribute half towards the mortgage and bills while on maternity leave."

She confessed that in order to do this she'd need to dip into her savings significantly and added that "he earns a very high wage."

Most people were on the mum's side in this case...

"I'd be charging him for carrying his baby to be honest." one person wrote.

"Not if it's a partnership no." began someone else. "You are a family not flat mates. How will a return to work work with childcare payments and drops off?"

Do you think the husband is being unreasonable or not?

Source: Good To Know