Being a mum could age you by up to 10 years says study

omg 06/03/2018

Being a mum is hard work, sometimes it can even feel like it prematurely ages you... Unfortunately that might be the case.

A new study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey believes that the act of having a child will age your cells by up to 10 years!

The scientists examined DNA from a number of mums and noticed that the cells appeared to be damaged and showed significant signs of aging, by up to 11 years! The aging was greater than that caused by smoking (4 years) and obesity (abour 9 years).

The researchers speculate the damage is simply caused by the stress of raising kids.

So while you may love them dearly, unfortunately the little rascals could be unintentionally aging more quickly than you may like.

Source: Mom.Me